Principles of Design

   Jimson Weed Plate       Georgia O’Keeffe      

 Engraved flower on glass     

 Emphasis is were you look first, like what catches your eye. The flower is the emphasis in this photo of a engraved flower on glass because it is in the middle and there isn’t anything that is distracting that would take away the emphasis of the flower. I squared the flower with pink.      

 This is movement. It means where does your eye follow a artwork. And for me it starts with the flower (place of emphasis), then goes to the edge of the glass to the bottom, then back up towards the top , and back to the flower. I outlined the movement in the photo above.      

 Contrast happens when you have to different elements right next to each other. An the contrast of light and dark are circled in red and the light next to dull is circled in bright green.     

 This is balance. Balance can be classified as symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetric is when you cut the painting or photo in half and on both sides it is equal and asymmetric balance is when the sides aren’t equal. I have symmetrical balance as you can see in the photo above with the light blue line down the middle it is equal on both sides.   

 Scale & Proportion: the scale of this is 2×14 1/2 inches. The examples of the proportion in this type of artwork is that the plate is bigger that the flower which would be the same in real life, like it doesn’t have an unusual proportion. I squared the flower and circled the plate to show the proportion.  

 Repetition & Rhythm talks about how something is repeated or has a rhythm to it. And the pink circles represent the use of black, it is repeated. The yellow circles are for the color of white. And the light blue circles are for the color gray. It doesn’t have a rhythm to it.  

Unity is created by the repeating of neutrals, which are black, white, and gray, but the unity is not very interesting.    






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