Elements of Design

Georgia O’Keeff

Jimson Weed Plate

Engraved flower on glass


There aren’t very many straight lines in this picture of the plate that she engraved on. The lines aren’t very noticeable if you glance at it. The lines are lighted with a blue color.


Only 2 main shapes in this photo of her engraved glass of a flower. A circle and rectangle are used as the main shapes. The shapes are lighted with a pink.


This photo of the engraved flower has dull colors mostly black, gray, and some white. The colors above the photo are some of the colors used in the photo of the flower.


They shiny look of the glass might give it a textured look and the engraved area of the flower would have a texture to it when touched. But no other texture to it.


There is more dark value than light. But there is some light and that is circled with a green circle and the dark value is with a red circle. There is more dark value than what is circled. All of the black and dark grey color is a dark value.


There isn’t much form in the photo of the engraved flower. But the form I found is circled in blue.


The space in the photo is overlap of the tabs with the yellow rectangles around them and with the red circle it would be linear perspective.


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